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With 8 years of experience in the bathroom industry, Sonata has built a proud reputation in exceeding customer expectations, and constantly striving to provide innovative and high quality products. Since 2002 Sonata has continuously evolved in designing and developing high quality bathroom products for the domestic and international markets.

Sonata boasts a comprehensive product portfolio with regimental quality assurance and competitive prices. The products range from traditional mixers to contemporary designs that lead the latest fashion trends of interior design. Sonata’s dynamic management team cultivate new ideas, flexibility and customer service excellence throughout the organization.

For Sonata, excellence is its own reward. The extraordinary pull of Sonata products is a manifestation of the focus on excellence. To the customer, it can seem like each Sonata faucet and shower was made with them in mind. We listen closely to what consumers want and need, invest in extensive research and design, and apply smart technological solutions that really do make our customers’ live easier. We are at the cutting edge of product innovation. We know exactly what it takes to stay there.

Be the Best Market-Driven Global Fashion Plumbing and Accessory Product Company

Delight all of our consumers with the highest value innovative products and services

In addition, in long run it is all about lasting relationships with all associates and delighting customers. Our proven ability in delivering and supporting large scale developments has established us as a name you can trust.

Nothing defines achieving success more than giving to people in need, and seeing the appreciation and hope that assistance provides. Sonata’s strategy is to create a sustainable competitive advantage through market

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